Embedding a Video

Step 1 – Copy the URL.

Go to youtube.com, vimeo.com or another video site and copy the url.

Step 2 – Paste the URL

Create a new Page or Post. Give it a title, as always.

Paste the url into the content text box.

Make sure that it is not hyperlinked and is on a line by itself.

A youtube url will look like this:


A vimeo url will look like this:


You get the idea… For most of you, you can stop here and ignore the instructions below.

Other Options (the hard way)

If you would like your video to be a different size, have a different color background, or other different options, you will need to copy and paste the “embed code”.

Vimeo Embed Options

Go to the Vimeo video. Click “embed”.

Click the Embed Button

Copy the code provided by Vimeo.

Copy the code.

If you would like to change from the defaults, click “Customize embed options”

Change the size, color, intro, etc. as needed. Then copy the modified code.

Change options.

Paste the text into the WordPress Page or Post. But make sure that you paste the code into the HTML editor and not the Visual editor.

Click Publish or Update to save the entry. (Afterwards, you can change back to the Visual Editor if you wish.)

Vimeo Help

YouTube Embed Options

Go to a YouTube video. Click “Share”

Then click “Embed”

Change the size or other options, then copy the code provided.

Paste the YouTube embed code into a WordPress Page or Post using the HTML editor and not the Visual editor (as explained above).  Click “Publish” or “Update” to save the entry.

YouTube Help (embed a video)

Helpful Links

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