Uploading a PDF

Uploading a PDF to a Post or Page

Create a new Post or Page. Or navigate to an existing Post or Page.

Click the Upload Media icon. (see image below).

In the upload dialog box click Select Files and navigate to the PDF on your computer’s hard drive and upload the file.

Click “Save Changes”
Note: You can upload more than one pdf at a time or repeat this process for multiple pdf’s.

Click the Gallery tab to view PDFs (and other media). Click “Show” to the right of the file name to add attributes and add it to your post

Once the file is uploaded, fill in a Title of your choice. The Title will appear on your web page as a link to the PDF file. I recommend telling users that it is a pdf and notifying them of its size in KB or MB, as shown in the image below.
Click “File URL”.
Then click “Insert into Post”

After inserting into Post a link to the PDF will be displayed.

Don’t forget to click Publish or Update to save the Post or Page.

And the link to a downloadable PDF will be displayed in your Post or Page.

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