Create A Post with Text and Image (using WordPress 3.4 image uploader)

Please Note: The WordPress Image Uploader was upgraded dramatically with WordPress 3.5. See updated instructions for using the WordPress 3.5+ image uploader.

Create a new Post by clicking the Posts left-hand sub-panel and then clicking “Add New”

Or click Add New at the top of the Posts page.

Add title and text as shown in the Create Posts tutorial on this site.

To add an image, click the Upload/Insert  Image icon.

Click Select Files and choose an image file from your harddrive.

Before you insert the image into your post choose the size and alignment.
Alignment: None will place an image on its own line with text above and/or below.
Alignment: Left will float the image to the left with text wrapping around the right.
I never use Alignment: Center.
Alignment: Right will float the image to the right with text wrapping to the left.

Usually I use Alignment: None for images that are as wide as the content section of the page.
And  I use Alignment: Left with Medium size images for magazine style articles.

Left Align Uploaded Image

Repeat until satisfied.

Click Publish or Update to save the entry.

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