Add Custom Fields

Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Posts to edit a Post or to create a Post.
Navigate to Posts

Once you are on an Edit Post page, scroll towards the bottom of the page until you see the Custom Fields Panel.

If your theme includes Custom Fields choose the appropriate field from the dropdown list below Names, in this instance “Is New Work”.

Add an appropriate value to the Value textbox. If you theme uses Custom Fields the value will be specified in the instructions. In this instance the value is “yes”.

Then click “Add Custom Field”.

Note: In this example I have made a theme for a private client. On her site there is a page called “New Work” where a grid of thumbnails will be displayed linking to new groups of art work. She is able to choose what is shown on the “New Work” page by adding this custom field to either a Post or a Page. Custom Fields are often added to themes to add a feature such as this.

Don’t forget to click “Publish” or “Update” to save the Post.

Delete a Custom Field

To delete a Custom Field, click “Delete” below the Custom Field.

Note: In this example, the user can modify what appears on the New Work page by adding or deleting this Custom Field on Posts and Pages.

As always, don’t forget to click “Update” or “Publish” to save the Post or the Page.

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