Using the Links Manager

When WordPress is first installed, a “Blogroll” is automatically created in the sidebar of your site. The name “Blogroll” is a leftover from the days when WordPress was used only to create blogs. WordPress comes with what is more accurately called a Links Manager. With the Links Manager, it is easy to add a list of links and organize the links into categories.

Adding a Link Category

Click the “Links” in the right sidebar of the WordPress admin. Then click “Link Categories”.

Add the name of the Category. Add the “slug” using only lowercase letters and replacing white space with a dash or underscore. Adding description is optional. Click “Add New Link Category”.

Adding a Link

Click “Links”  in the righthand sidebar of the WordPress Admin

Click “Add New”

Add the Name of the website.
Add the Web Address including the http://
Add a Description (optional)
Choose a Category
Click Add Link

Repeat for to add more links.

Useful Links and Videos

WordPress Training

Videos Online
Add Links to WordPress Blogroll by benji52host

For Clients

Most often links are displayed in a sidebar using WordPress Widgets. (See info about WordPress Widgets), but I sometimes create a Page for clients to display links.

For Links to be displayed on the Links Page, follow the instructions above and the links will automatically appear on the Links Page.

Important info for Clients

Do not delete or modify the links page in the WordPress Admin. A Links Page will include info about adding links and specific instructions for a client and looks something like this:

And if the Video Manual is included on your site.

Go to Video Manual in the right hand sidebar of the WordPress Admin
Navigate to the Links section and watch the 3 videos about Links