Adding Images, Creating a Gallery

Creating a Gallery in 3.5 and above

View a comprehensive look at creating a gallery in WordPress 3.5 and above

Helpful Video Tutorial

Below is a tutorial for creating galleries in WP 3.4 and before.

Steve Lambert’s “WPFolio User’s Manual” also includes instructions on creating galleries.

Create Post

Click on “Posts” in the left hand menu of WordPress.
Click “New Post”

Make sure you choose the category for the post, in the right hand sidebar.

Add a title for the the group of images being uploaded, e.g. “Recent Sculpture”,
“River Series”, etc.

Add Images for Gallery

Click the small image icon above the “post” text box, shown below:

An overlay dialog box appears. Click Select Files

Navigate to the images on your own computer that you wish to upload and select them.
You can select multiple files.

Watch the images as they upload. It will be quick if you have broadband.
Click “Save All Changes” and the screen will refresh in the Gallery tab.

Insert Gallery

I recommend that you leave the Gallery settings, as is. The default works well.
However you may want to change the number of Gallery Columns depending on the layout of your page.

You will return to this screen later to add more information like title, media, size to your images.

Click “Insert Gallery”.

NOTE: In some themes you only upload images but do not “insert Gallery”. In some themes, the uploaded images are attached to the Post and will appear automatically on the front end of your site, without clicking “Insert Gallery”. Please read your theme instructions thoroughly.

After returning to the post page Click “Publish” on the right side of the page.
Click “View Post” to check the page.

In WPFolio with the default installation, you will see a page with several rows of thumbnails cropped to 150 x 150 pixels.
Click the thumbnails and see the lightbox in action.

In other themes galleries may be presented in different ways.

Helpful Videos

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