Add Title, Media, Date to Artwork Image

In the admin section of WordPress navigate to the Post with a gallery of images you want to modify.

Navigate to Posts

There are 2 ways to access your uploaded images.

1) In the text box, click the gallery icon and then click the image icon to edit the gallery (see below).
Select and Edit Gallery


2) Click the image icon adjacent to “Upload/Insert (see below)

Click to edit or delete image

In the overlay dialog box click “show” next to an image.
Click image title to display info

Add title, media, size and date to “Title”. (As you get to know WordPress, you may want to use the other options. For now, leave them as is.)

Repeat this process with all your images.

Don’t forget to do this or your titles will be lost and you will have to enter them again.

Adding Title to Image

Once you have finished click “Save All Changes”, at the bottom of the list of images.
Because this is a “Gallery”, do not click “Insert into Post”

Save All Changes

Exit the dialog box

Close Image Dialog Box

and click “Update”.

Update button

Check your page by clicking “View Post”. The title, etc. only appears in the “lightbox”, not below the thumbnails.

Repeat to create more “galleries”.

Useful Links

Adding Posts – WPFolio User’s Manual