How to Find an Artwork

With hundreds of “Untitled” images, it can be difficult to find the specific artwork you wish to modify. To locate one image without scrolling through the entire archive, use the Filtering function.

First, click on the Artworks tab in the left toolbar.

Along the top of the page are a row of pull down menus. These are what you will use to narrow your search, selecting either genre, medium, date or keyword.


For example, if you are looking for a specific lithograph from 1982, you would select “lithograph” from the Show all medium tab, and “1982” from the Show all date tab.


Click the Filter button, and your results will appear in a list.


In addition to genre, medium and date, you can also search by keyword. Select the keyword you want from the Show all keyword tab, and click Filter.


Another way to search is by simply clicking on the category links that appear in blue to the right of the image.

Want to see all the other images that are tagged with “Dancing Dog”? Click the label Dancing Dog, and a list will appear.

To return to the full list of images without any filters, reset the tabs to “Show all” and click Filter again. This will give you back all the images, unfiltered.


When artworks do have specific titles, you can find them by typing a search word into the Search Artworks tab in the upper right corner. Keep in mind this tab only searches for words in the artwork’s title, NOT within tagged keywords.