Choosing the Featured Image (using WordPress 3.4 or before image uploader)

Please Note: The WordPress Image Uploader was upgraded dramatically with WordPress 3.5. See updated instructions for choosing a Featured Image with the WordPress 3.5+ image uploader.

Many themes use “Featured Image” as a way for administrators to choose which image represents a post. Frequently the Featured Image will be the thumbnail that represents a Post on a Category table-of-contents page (this is how it works for WPFolio). But they can also be used in slideshows for featured Posts and many other things.

On the Posts page of the WordPress Dashboard click “Set Featured Image” in the “Featured Image” subpanel in the lower right sidebar.

set featured image wordpress

Then on the “Add an Image” screen, click “Use as Featured Image”. (If you have not uploaded any images, please upload them.)

use as featured image wordpress
Be sure to click ” Save All Changes” before closing dialog box.

The featured image will appear in the lower right of the Edit Posts page. Like this:

featured image wordpress

You can easily remove the image and add another one, if you wish.

Helpful Videos

(This video speaks about some specific themes but the lesson about Featured Image is applicable to most WordPress Themes.)

Helpful Links

Add Title, Media, Date to Artwork Image

In the admin section of WordPress navigate to the Post with a gallery of images you want to modify.

Navigate to Posts

There are 2 ways to access your uploaded images.

1) In the text box, click the gallery icon and then click the image icon to edit the gallery (see below).
Select and Edit Gallery


2) Click the image icon adjacent to “Upload/Insert (see below)

Click to edit or delete image

In the overlay dialog box click “show” next to an image.
Click image title to display info

Add title, media, size and date to “Title”. (As you get to know WordPress, you may want to use the other options. For now, leave them as is.)

Repeat this process with all your images.

Don’t forget to do this or your titles will be lost and you will have to enter them again.

Adding Title to Image

Once you have finished click “Save All Changes”, at the bottom of the list of images.
Because this is a “Gallery”, do not click “Insert into Post”

Save All Changes

Exit the dialog box

Close Image Dialog Box

and click “Update”.

Update button

Check your page by clicking “View Post”. The title, etc. only appears in the “lightbox”, not below the thumbnails.

Repeat to create more “galleries”.

Useful Links

Adding Posts – WPFolio User’s Manual

Create Sticky Posts

In WordPress parlance, a Sticky Post is a Post that will stay at the top of the front page or depending on the theme will be featured prominently.

There are 2 ways to do this.

Create Sticky Post – Alternative 1

After you have created a Post go to the righthand subpanel called “Publish” and click the Visibility “Edit” link.

Check “Stick this post to the front page”. Then click “OK”.

Don’t forget to then click the “Publish” or “Update” button to save the entry.

Create a Sticky Post – Alternative 2

Go to the lists of Posts by clicking Posts in the Posts subpanel.

Place your cursor over a Post and a few links will appear. Click “Quick Edit”

Check “Make this post sticky” then click the “Update” button.

You can also use “Quick Edit” to change other options. It is very handy for quick editing (and thus its name).

And that’s it.

Embedding a Video

Step 1 – Copy the URL.

Go to, or another video site and copy the url.

Step 2 – Paste the URL

Create a new Page or Post. Give it a title, as always.

Paste the url into the content text box.

Make sure that it is not hyperlinked and is on a line by itself.

A youtube url will look like this:

A vimeo url will look like this:

You get the idea… For most of you, you can stop here and ignore the instructions below.

Other Options (the hard way)

If you would like your video to be a different size, have a different color background, or other different options, you will need to copy and paste the “embed code”.

Vimeo Embed Options

Go to the Vimeo video. Click “embed”.

Click the Embed Button

Copy the code provided by Vimeo.

Copy the code.

If you would like to change from the defaults, click “Customize embed options”

Change the size, color, intro, etc. as needed. Then copy the modified code.

Change options.

Paste the text into the WordPress Page or Post. But make sure that you paste the code into the HTML editor and not the Visual editor.

Click Publish or Update to save the entry. (Afterwards, you can change back to the Visual Editor if you wish.)

Vimeo Help

YouTube Embed Options

Go to a YouTube video. Click “Share”

Then click “Embed”

Change the size or other options, then copy the code provided.

Paste the YouTube embed code into a WordPress Page or Post using the HTML editor and not the Visual editor (as explained above).  Click “Publish” or “Update” to save the entry.

YouTube Help (embed a video)

Helpful Links

WPFolio User’s Manual – Adding Video
How to Add a Video to WordPress the Easy Way