Adding Title, Media, Date Size to Artwork


In the admin section of WordPress navigate to a “Post” with a “Gallery”.

There are 2 ways to access your uploaded images.

1) In the text box, click the gallery icon and then click the image icon to edit the gallery (see below).


2) Click the image icon adjacent to “Upload/Insert

In the overlay dialog box click “show” next to an image.

Add title, media, size and date to “Title”.
(As you get to know WordPress, you may want to use the other options. For now, leave them as is.)

Repeat this process with all your images.
Once you have finished click “Save All Changes”, at the bottom of the list of images.
Because this is a “Gallery”, do not click “Insert into Post”

Exit the dialog box by clicking the “x” in the upper right hand corner.

Be sure to click “Update” in the right hand corner of the Edit Posts page to make sure you have saved the changes to the page.

Useful Links

Adding Posts – WPFolio User’s Manual

Exporting Images

To create a jpeg for a web-ready image, you should export the image rather than saving it. In Photoshop use File->Save For Web and Devices.

Photoshop Saving For Web and Devices

Photoshop Saving For Web and Devices

(In Fireworks use File->Export.)

Exporting  jpegs between 80% quality and 60% quality in Photoshop will produce usable images. You are trying to find the correct compromise between image size and image quality. You may have to experiment with the quality settings to produce satisfactory images. If your jpeg images are larger than 250KB, then you are saving them with the quality settings too high. Usually web images are between 50KB and 220KB. If they are this size your image will load faster and will be less load on the server

Photoshop’s export screen makes experimenting with image quality easy.
Choose the quality settings in this right hand panel.

Choose Jpeg Quality

Choose Jpeg Quality

Photoshop will display your working photo (Original) and the Optimized image or let you compare images either 2 settings at a time (2-up) or 4 at a time (4-up). At the bottom of each image preview is displayed the image size and load time. (You can choose the connection speed, as needed).

Previews of Jpegs of Different Quality

Previews of Jpegs of Different Quality

Click on the image preview with the chosen quality setting then click “Save” to save the image on your computer.

Name the image sensibly. I advise you to name it with all lowercase and no white space, using a dash between words. Frequently I number images in the order that want them to appear on the web page, e.g. 01sculpture-name.jpg, 02another-sculpture-name.jpg, etc.

Knight Digital Media has a very good tutorial on exporting jpegs and the difference between “save as” and “save for web and devices”.

You do not need to create thumbnails, WordPress will do that for you.